August 4 to August 11

Liza Dimbleby

North West, July 2020

Map (OED): Something looked at intently from which you take your
Map 1: Lancaster July 2020/Liverpool October 2013

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Mutsumi Tsuda

between “flaw” and “flood”, pages 206

SE Barnet

Single channel video 2’ 11”

Aylin Leclaire

The Thing – above water

Ivana Vollaro

Still waiting
Video, 3’34, 2020

Ruth Maclennan

Wild Angelica

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Anne Brunswic

Si loin, si près 6

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Natacha Nisic

Invisible Guest
Video, 1′ 11″, 2020

Claire Chevrier

Personne espace extérieur 11, La Force

Michelle Deignan

Stick stick stick stick, sticky sticky stick stick
Single channel HD video 1′ 10″

Esther Shalev-Gerz


Can lungs see air circulating curling waves

passing time of shallow intake

masked from pollen-bearing future

Day of Air will be celebrated soon


Aurelia Mihai

Aurelia Mihai  SCENE  2020, HD stereo, 4’13

Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes, fly away, rubber stamps and ink on paper, 297 x 210 mm, 2020