Aylin Leclaire

November 10 to November 17


October 13 to October 19

The heart

October 6 to October 13

Coronova-we need a superhero for this- in collaboration with Bas Hezemans

September 22 to September 29

September 8 to September 15

Birth Mountain

September 1 to September 8

August 18 to August 31

August 4 to August 11

July 28 to August 4

Aylin Leclaire (born in 1992 in Duisburg) is an artist who creates narrative works, exploring power structures and human interactions. She uses various materials and media to express political, emotional and spacial aspects of situations. Her works have a holistic approach. Sound and music play a major role in her works and let the spectator fully dive into places, stories and situations. Not only does the artist deal with the presented interaction or the interaction between the work and the spectator. Within the artistic process she also collaborates with other artists and with doing so creates an interaction between diverse artistic approaches and perspectives. Aylin Leclaire’s artistic work is original, critical and playful. She likes to provoke and proves a sense of humor while she challenges actors and spectators and makes them a part of her works. In 2019 Aylin Leclaire graduated at the art academy Düsseldorf as a master student of Martin Gostner. She also studied the Master of Voice program at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Currently she lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.