May 12 to May 19

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Aurelia Mihai

Chiyoko Szlavnics

Luise Schröder


Ana Mendes

Sandra Richard

Andrea Blum

Manuela Morgaine




Kate Blacker

PROTECT ME FROM 05 2020 Mask and T-shirt sets

Anne Brunswic


I think of you, my close friends living far away, but I dare not ask how you are, how you find the strength to inhabit the uninhabitable, you, more invisible than ever in the darkness produced by the extreme focus of light. View more



Liza Dimbleby

Anne Dubos




Mutsumi Tsuda

Claire Chevrier

Espace extérieur parcours 01, La Force.

Doriane Molay


Elle se réveilla seule. Il n’était pas au lit. Elle voulut l’appeler mais rien ne sortait de sa bouche. Sa langue était pâteuse, ses yeux à peine ouverts. View more

Michelle Deignan

There is always the sun, single channel HD video, 3 mins 36 secs, 2020.

Esther Shalev-Gerz




Catalina Swinburn


Natacha Nisic

Wall thoughts – 2020

Joanna Lombard

Ruth Maclennan

A Visitor