Kate Blacker

May 12 to May 18

PROTECT ME FROM 05 2020 Mask and T-shirt sets developed in collaboration with Daisy Davis. @copyright Daisy Davis

May 5 to May 12

Corona Country 04 2020

Collage with graphs showing the curves of the epidemic.

April 21 to April 28

Some Crown Quotes

I decided early on that I was going to put on my crown and rule my world by acting right and treating myself like a queen.

Queen Latifah

A crown, if it hurts, is not worth wearing.

Pearl Bailey

The crown of life is neither happiness nor annihilation; it is understanding.

Winifred Holtby

If I had rubies, riches and crowns, I’d buy the whole world and change things around.

Bob Dylan

Wear a crown of flowers on your head, let its roots reach your heart.


A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.

Frederick the Great

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