September 21 to September 28

Katja Stuke

June 4 2014, Hong Kong

Anne Dubos

Little people playing

Anne Brunswic

Marcelle Ségal 1896-1998

Marcelle 1. Le nom.

Les jeunes de son entourage l’appelaient tante Marcelle autant par déférence que par affection. Pour les amis, elle était Marcelle, pour les autres Madame Ségal. Seule l’administration l’appelait Madame Marcelle Schereschewsky dite Ségal. Cela avait quelque chose d’offensant. Elle était Schereschewsky par son père, Segall par sa mère. Pour des raisons de commodité, elle avait choisi Ségal au début de sa carrière de journaliste. more

Liza Dimbleby

Confinement, six am, Glasgow, September 2021,  from the Other People’s Rooms series (IX).

Dettie Flynn

Feuilleton of spinning swinging wishing Girls XX
Feuilleton de Filles oscillante, filante, souhaitante XX

performance with camera, 3 mins 6 secs

Ivana Vollaro

Second dose in the theatre, 2021.

SE Barnet

Safe, HD video,  1’30”

Manuela Morgaine

More than a dream – Tribute to Christo

Aurelia Mihai

für Adriana  –  Postcard to Argentina 
You See This Work Of Art
If You See Yourself Seeing,

– artwork for media awareness, conceptual artwork / Mail art, 2021

Ruth Maclennan

Treelines Infinite Landscape uncut

I have received hundreds of video and sound clips of trees and forests from around the world. I am touched and grateful, and relieved, that so many people have been inspired to join in this collective project. Looking through some of the clips, I wanted to touch the trees and smell the pine needles, the banana palms, the cypress trees – to smell smells I’ve never encountered before because I’ve never been in these forests.  I stepped outside for some air and sky and walked to the little park near my studio. This is where I filmed the first horizon for the Crown Letter that gave me the idea of asking people to send me their horizons. The leaves are beginning to fall but it’s not full on autumn yet, though I found some irresistibly shiny conkers which I’ve brought back. 

And now I have just painted these treelines from some of the clips that have been sent to me. I wanted to make something that I could touch, that was wet and alive like the trees and ponds were when they were filmed.  

I am going to cut these into postcards and send them to Adriana in Argentina so that she can take them to the Bienal Sur and arrange them in any order she likes.

Michelle Deignan

They say knowledge power, single channel HD video, 34″, 2021

Natacha Nisic

Color in Grey – Landscape of Memory