May 19 to May 26

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Ana Mendes

The Hair


Claire-Jeanne Jézéquel

Anne Brunswic



Julieta Hanono


Esther Shalev-Gerz

Auciel Auciel Auciel

Mustumi Tsuda

Mutsumi TsudaW5


Andrea Blum

Diary lockdown W5

Michelle Deignan

Matching Pairs, single channel HD video, 1 min 27 secs, 2020


Claire Chevrier


Liza Dimbleby


Ivana Vollaro

Temporary indefinite How do we determine what is temporary? What shapes does the provisional take? How long does it take us to realize that something is temporary? How that gap is translated in different everyday life experiences during this pandemic time?

Ruth Maclennan

Anne Dubos



Adriana Bustos

Luise Schröder

Natacha Nisic

Waves of shock – Oklahoma Museum – Usa