July 28 to August 4

Catalina Swinburn

Just like the crevice, albeit even, serene and tense at the same time, the horizon reminds us of the point of view: here or there.

Jane Watt

Wash my hands, Double screen video, 2 »

Ruth Maclennan

 ‘Old Man of Hoy’

Natacha Nisic

Malakoff, 14th July, 54″

Ana Mendes

Layers, 2020, stamp and ink on paper, 210 x 297 mm

SE Barnet


Luise Schröder

Emma Woffenden

Travel, tourist, walking
Second and fourth images fashion mannequins by Bas Kosters at the Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Aylin Leclaire

I thought I would be somewhere else by now. Was it meaningful to anyone?
The tunnels and the…continue

Mutsumi Tsuda

Ivana Vollaro

Ghosts in brackets, 2020

Kyoko Kasuya

400 years ago, video, 1’13, 2020

Katja Stuke

Tokyos, april 2019
From the series « Cities change the song of the bird »