August 18 to August 31

Catherine Radosa


Ruth Maclennan


Aylin Leclaire

The Dog and the Monkey, Single channel, 1’05 »

Ivana Vollaro


Ana Mendes

Winner, 210 x 297, Rubber stamp on ink paper

Liza Dimbleby

MAP 2: Glasgow August 2020/Russia September 1997

Back in Glasgow, I resume my walks around the empty University. The other evening, on the path that leads to the Zoology building, I was stopped short by the sight of a ship seemingly lodged in the rooftops of a descending street.

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Adriana Bustos

Kyoko Kasuya

Drawing on the wall
Photography, 2020

Katja Stuke

Osaka 2019
From the series
« Cities change the Songs of Birds »

Michelle Deignan

Single channel, 1’17 »

SE Barnet

Involved vs Committed
Single channel video 23 »

Natacha Nisic

Fin de Partie