29 September to 6 October

Emma Woffenden

Who Will Have The Power To Do What To Whom.
Glass and reinforced Styrofoam.
H71 x W140 x D30cm

Kyoko Kasuya

A wing on the wall
Photography, 2020, Kyoko Kasuya.

Liza Dimbleby

Letter from Glasgow: Virtual

Today’s Guardian shows a photograph of the University cloisters that I was walking through in last week’s Letter. Six hundred new students have been told to self-isolate in their halls of residence and more than a hundred have tested positive for the virus. The gentle revelry that went on in the night spaces of the building is over. Click to read more

Luise Schröder

Ruth Maclennan

Annihilation of Caste
Single channel video, 7’ 06”

Annihilation of Caste – an undelivered speech by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

The exhibition ‘Ideas Travel Faster than Light’ curated by Clair Joy and Jasone Miranda-Bilbao, is the second exhibition in which a group of artists in one country give instructions to another group of artists. This time, artists from India gave instructions to artists from Canada, USA and Spain.

I was asked to collaborate with the artist Jogesh Barve. He asked me to read aloud Annihilation of Caste by B. R. Ambedkar. Click to read more

Anne Brunswic

Adriana et le Che

A Rosario, il y a le Paraná, il y a une immense coulée ocre, le vent de la pampa qui fouette sa surface et soudain un arc-en-ciel qui l’enjambe. Les lanternes d’un navire silencieux s’approchent dans la nuit tiède. On raconte que Celia de la Serna descendant le fleuve à bord d’un de ces navires avait prévu d’accoucher à Buenos Aires mais que son rejeton la contraignit à faire escale ici, cinq cents kilomètres en amont. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna vit le jour le 14 juin 1928. Click to read more

Catherine Radosa


Ivana Vollaro

On (Off) the road, 2020.

SE Barnet

Their Catastrophe, My Souvenir
Single channel video, 2’ 18”

Aylin Leclaire

this creature wears a wig