6 October to 13 October

Aurelia Mihai

Breathless after shooting

Emma Woffenden


Liza Dimbleby

Letter from Glasgow: DISCARD

I photographed the firework postcard for my letter from Glasgow a fortnight ago and then lost it again. In spite of my luck in finding it I let it be reclaimed almost immediately by the sea of papers on tables, in boxes and across the floor of my room. I searched for it online, to remind myself of its existence, and found it on the site of the Russian secondhand trading site Meshok. I found the missing postcard in Kazan, on sale for just ten roubles. It arrived in Moscow this week and Polia sent me this photograph of the postcard emerging from its envelope, with a stamped form detailing its progress, through customs inspection at various airports, from Kazan.

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Ruth Maclennan

Saint Terre

‘When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods: what would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?’

Henry David Thoreau

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Catherine Radosa


Manuela Morgaine


Lockdown Harvest: between March and September 2020

It took all this time to grow the grains and pick them.

Michelle Deignan

We have come too far to leave it all behind
Single channel video, 1 min 40 secs, 2020

Aylin Leclaire

this creature wears a wig

SE Barnet

Single channel video, 53”

Ivana Vollaro

Moving Dreams, 2020.

Katja Stuke

Düsseldorf, Mai 2020
from the series
»Moon over Konohana«