22 September to 29 September

Ivana Vollaro

Sunflower, 2020

Catherine Radosa


Luise Schröder


Aylin Leclaire

Monolith of Love

Michelle Deignan

One day in England
single channel HD video, 1′ 2 », 2020

Liza Dimbleby

Letter from Glasgow: ASH

But the scene reminded me of a postcard that I had for many years kept stuck on my wall. It was a painting from a postcard set that I had bought in Moscow when I was a student there thirty years ago. It showed a firework display over the city. In Russia, a firework display is a “salute” . On official celebration days we used to see them from my friend Masha’s balcony, which looked south in the direction of the Kremlin. Click to read more

Kyoko Kasuya

Night walk, 2020

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Emma Woffenden

‘You are the only one, you are a diamond. Poor me, I cannot visit you, even if you are ill. I am lost, poor me.’

The love song Aka Si Rekisho, taken from the book 99 Georgian Songs. It was one of a diverse group of songs chosen by Water Aid before the pandemic, for an event called Sing for Water. It was rehearsed and learnt by many groups of singers over zoom during lock down.

Anne Dubos

Let’s get back to dance…

Ana Mendes

Kinky Mixed Technique, 2018

Ruth Maclennan

Memory Retrieval Systems

I made this poster nineteen years ago. This was before bleeps on your mobile phone reminded you of appointments or your to do list, before social media websites regurgitated past posts to remind you of your digital life. The poster brings together forms of memory that are vastly different in scale, purpose and context. Click to read more

SE Barnet

Intelligent Agents
Single video channel, 1′ 40”