week 186 – apr 2 to apr 9

Liza Dimbleby & Ruth Maclennan

Cheeses.Quarrel.Poorly, Easter Sunday, 31st March 2024, Liza Dimbleby and Ruth Maclennan

///cheeses.quarrel.poorly is the WHAT3WORDS location of Peedie Sands in Caithness, Scotland.

58°40′21″N 03°22′31″W

Emma Woffenden

Drawing on paper, with gouache, pen and ink.

Manuela Morgaine

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Uovo – If only it could give birth to a peaceful world. Eastern 2024 – Photomontage.

Aurelia Mihai

31.03.2024,  photography, 2024

Katja Stuke

sans titre Tokyo Metro, Otemachi 2024

Neringa Naujokaite

Dusseldorf 27/01/2024, photography

Valeria Troubina

Утро старого парка, Morning in the Old Park, 130 x 147 cm, oil on canvas, 1995