Week 184 – March 19 to March 26

Manuela Morgaine

Black sail white sail or the misunderstanding of wars, Video 1’32, The Port of Essaouira, Morocco, March 2024.

During a war, Tristan, mortally wounded, calls the blonde Yseult to his aid because she alone is capable of healing him. He sets up a code with his men and asks that a white sail be hoisted to the top of the mast of the boat that will bring her back if she agrees to treat him and a black sail if she is not on the boat. The sailors take on board Yseult the blonde, eager to join her beloved, and raise the white sail, but when the boat approaches the coast, Iseult with white hands, his wife, consumed by jealousy, tells Tristan that the sail is black. Believing himself abandoned by the one he loves, he lets himself die. When she arrives at his bedside, Yseult the Blonde, learning of Tristan’s death, dies of grief in his arms. The lovers are dead.

Katja Stuke

Sans titre, Shibuya Station, Tokyo 2024

Aurelia Mihai

1874 – 2024,  photography, 2024

Natacha Nisic

Réveille-toi, video 1′ 6″, March 2024


Dans le train qui se déplace d’une ville à l’autre, tu souhaites que le monde soit avec toi et non sans.

Wake up

On the train that moves from one city to another, you wish the world was with you and not without.