Week 181 – February 27 to March 5

Valeria Troubina

Дворец снов, Wishing Tree, mixed media, 24 x 18cm, 2024

Neringa Naujokaite


Manuela Morgaine

Tinder’s data bank – still from Gala Hernández López ‘s movie “La mécanique des fluides”, 2022

Thinking of Safety boxes in banks, this image reappeared in my mind. All those virtual lovers, all those swipings, matchings and datings contained in this gigantic data base. Isn’t this the very representation of the end of love? Mechanization and the boxing of thousands of dehumanized solitudes?

Ruth Maclennan

Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, October 2023

An ecosystem is a peculiar kind of self-organizing archive – a collection of interconnected things rubbing along together, reliant on each other, connected with other organisms and systems, adapting to changing environmental conditions, or dying.

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Kasia Ozga

Life Ring, 2024. Soft sculpture from reclaimed printed vinyl, nylon rope, and polyfil. 71 cm x 100 cm x 13 cm with aluminum wall hook. The exterior features printed magnified digital images of human skin.

The Flotation Devices Series (2020-present) explores migration and loss at sea and the long shadows cast by missing people around the world. In English, staying afloat is an expression that indicates remaining financially solvent and not overwhelmed by debt or financial difficulties. Floating itself implies the capacity to move from one place to another, if we are able to navigate the waters around us. Life savers are designed to be thrown to a person in water to enable flotation and to prevent drowning. Covering and reproducing these tools as extensions of human bodies invites viewers to consider who gets saved, by whom, and under what circumstances.