Week 178 – February 6 to February 13, 2024

Natacha Nisic

Burning Venus in My Hand.

Manuela Morgaine

Golden Banner, Panthéon, Paris, 4/2/2024.
Celebrating the first abolition of slavery by France on February 4, 1794.

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Kasia Ozga

Signal Fires, Miamisburg, December 2023.

I go to them to get away from personal injury lawyer highway billboards rest stops extraction no man’s land Walmarts hotel chains dollar stores dead malls casinos fireworks country christian talk radio post industrial landscapes on the way from point A to point B. I plan my pilgrimages, making myself stop and stretch and get out of the car and walk around these solid spaces imagining what they were like long before we were here. I close my eyes and block out the noise of my children wailing in the back seat refusing to go out to come back inside and picture myself in this place when it was another place. 

One of the two largest conical mounds in eastern North America, the Miamisburg Mound was build by Adena Culture people,who began occupying the Ohio River Valley around 1000 BC. Partial excavations from 1869 reveal a mound built up in several stages, with buried human remains, ashes, stone, charcoal, wood, and animal bones at various stages in the the 65 feet tall structure. The accumulation of matter presses down on the earth and reaches up to the sky. In college, Jay Cantor told me man is made and remade by the process of production and I see that and I am that but I am also a woman and I need to get back into the car to get back to work to put food on the table to play a lullaby over the speakers to cover small feet with security blankets and to hand out water bottles and snacks that will inevitably spill when I am digging for missing legos in between bags piled on suitcases on our way home.

Ruth Maclennan

Southerly, Svalbard, September 2023

Valeria Troubina

Island, 24cm x 12 cm, mixed media, 2024