Week 176 – January 23 to January 30,2024

Catherine Radosa

Me You Us, video, 2′, January 2024.

Ruth Maclennan

Postcard from the edge (for Lera)Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, September 2023

We spoke of polar bears and whales and I pointed my phone at the view of the fjord out my window. I showed Lera a little white chocolate polar bear on an upside down plate standing in for an iceberg and we laughed. I took this photo the second time I sailed to Pyramiden. Kittiwakes are perched on scattered berglets. As the boat approached snow flurried and the massive glacier dissolved in veils of cloud: water, air and ice caught up in a dance of matter and light. This postcard from the glacier is for Lera. Like all the glaciers in Svalbard, Nordenskiöld is melting fast.

Manuela Morgaine

Porter notre part de la nuit – Après – le jour ! Photographie, premier jour de neige à Paris, janvier 2024. Our share of night to bear – Afterwards, Day ! Photography, first day of snow in Paris, january 2024

Valeria Troubina

When the glacier of my heart melts, 58 x 41 cm, mixed media, watercolour, ink, pencil, monoprint, 2024