Week 173 – January 2 to January 9, 2024

Michelle Deignan

01/01/24, 24/01/01
Single channel HD video, 1 min 19 secs, 2024

Sudha Padmaja Francis

Underwear Sculptures

When voluminous  women

remove their underwear

It becomes a sculpture;

crumpling many layers of it,

becoming a new sculpture on its own

with the creases, twists and turns

Oh so unique!

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Red green white black, 2024

Valeria Troubina

Prayers to the Moonmixed media, 42cm x 29.5 cm, 2023

Manuela Morgaine

Un chant pour la paix à grands cris
A song for peace with loud cries
שיר חזק לשלום
أغنية بصوت عال من أجل السلام

Kasia Ozga

Mound City, OH, USA, 2023.

The Mound City Group in southern Ohio is a 120-acre ceremonial ground that is one of the most important and well-known archaeological sites in North America, dating back at least 1,500 years.

The original site was occupied by the U.S. Army’s Camp Sherman during World War 1, when much of the original earthworks were completely destroyed to house military buildings and personnel. As a result the 23 burial mounds on the site are primarily recreations based of off 19th century field surveys. The scale and positioning of the individual earthen elements are intended to replicate the look and feel of the site before it became a military training center and indeed the National Park Service describes the site as “fully restored.” Today the vast field feels both like a dreamscape when viewers imagine existing in the distant past and like a façade empty of its’ sacred status, at the same time.

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Ruth Maclennan

Glacier Matter or Bird MountainSvalbard, watercolour, graphite, charcoal, wax, 2023

Eleni Wittbodt

Two stills, 2023

Katja Stuke

Cars Noisy Champs 2023