Week 161 – October 3 to October 10 – Manifesto

(Italian manifesto, declaration, from Latin manifestus)

  1. Public writing by which a head of state, a government, a party, etc., reports on his mandate or sets out his program, his point of view on a political problem.
    Synonyms: address – proclamation – pronunciamiento
  2. Proclamation intended to attract the attention of the public, to alert them to something.
    Synonym: profession of faith
  3. Theoretical presentation through which writers and artists launch a new movement.
  4. Aircraft on-board document bearing the itinerary of the current flight, the number of passengers and the quantity of cargo carried.
  5. Descriptive table of the goods comprising the cargo of a ship for customs use.

These images were made for the exhibition in the French Institute of Prague WILL WE STILL WANT TO DANCE TOMORROW ? Tales for a future.

Ruth Maclennan

Aurelia Mihai

Luise Schröder

Anne Brunswic

Natacha Nisic

Liza Dimbleby

Kyoko Kasuya

Catherine Radosa

Manuela Morgaine

Kasia Ozga

Neringa Naujokaite

Emma Woffenden