Week 157 – July 18 to July 25

Katja Stuke

one-channel-video, 2023
16:9, 4K, 10:32 min
sound: Pondskater

Cornelia Eichhorn

Humaps N°17, 25x35cm, papercut done with leftovers from other series, 2023 all rights reserved.

Liza Dimbleby

A drawing of Glasgow that took the TransSiberian  photo by Liza Dimbleby (2018)

Letter from Glasgow: Train to the Future 

I had hoped to go back to Prague for the last month’s residency, to see what remained of my memories, but it turned out that I could not. I had wanted to approach the city by train again, from the other side, thirty three years later. There would be no radio chiming the hours, no polished wooden corridors or jars of tea in metal holders, perhaps no mystery. A journey of nostalgia, of curiosity? 

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