Week 151 – June 6 to June 13

Catherine Radosa

Rues de la Fraternité·e, Participatory performance and sound and visual installation

Photographed 3 June 2023, for the Nuit Blanche 2023 and the curatorial project “actes de langage” (acts of language) by simona dvorák & tadeo kohan. The project takes as its subject a place and its name: rue de la Fraternité (Street of Brotherhood) in Montreuil. The aim is to deploy, question, appropriate, update and set in motion the word ‘fraternité’ and what it inspires and evokes.
Through interviews with a group of women, I composed a polyphony of words and testimonies, questioning representations and alternatives to this symbolic and gendered term.

Photo Credits: Catherine Radosa, Tadeo Kohan, Christophe Domino

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Maithili Bavkar

Fractured skies, 2023

Never before had I possessed a piece of sky so vast that it may be fractured.

Manuela Morgaine

Les lumières dans le ciel. Reflective photography, June 2023.

Ruth Maclennan

Drawing Berthe drawing Edma, June 2023

Valeria Troubina

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Enquiry and Weeping Heroes, Diptych, oil on canvas, Ukraine, 1988