Week 146 – May 2 to May 9

Catherine Radosa

Témoins – Nous  Persistance/ Witnesses – We  Persistence
Photography made during the long-term project Campagne de Paris, paysage triangulaire (2017-2023) on the Triangle of Gonesse (Paris region) – agricultural land in the process of artificialization.

Emma Woffenden

Gestures of Making. Emma Woffenden interviewed by Anne Dubos. Photograph.

Anne Dubos

Gestures of Making, Emma Woffenden interviewed by Anne Dubos, Bourg Argental, 2022.

Liza Dimbleby

Waiting for the boat to Orkney, Scrabster ferry terminal, Caithness, April 2018

Letter from Glasgow: Shadow Boxing

Last week in London, spring was fizzing through branches of willow and lime, leaves unfurling in brightest yellow-green. I got off the train at Kings Cross and took a bus up the hill to Angel, through the blossom and the new leaves. I met my aunt at the top of the hill and she led me to a pub with a high-ceilinged back room, out beyond the bar and the noise, where we could talk. Sunlight striped the dark wood floor and the almost empty space was a relief.

My aunt bought us drinks and we sat at a table in the corner. She sat beneath the window, a dark figure against the sun, but light fell also from a smaller window at the opposite diagonal of the room. We were talking about death and of people close to us who found themselves suddenly in its shadow.

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Manuela Morgaine

THE CALL OF LIGHT video 1’ – April 30 on Saturn –  Sound©Hicham Chahidi.

Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi

Video diary _ Rainbow clock, 27 April 2023

Ruth Maclennan

Evening Apple Blossom, London, 1st May, 2023