Week 145 – April 25 to May 2

Ivana Vollaro & Anne Brunswic

Finalmente, de verdad.
Enfin pour de vrai.
Finally, for real.

April, 21, 2023

Manuela Morgaine

Milk Tree. Primary forest, Costa Rica.

On dit, là-bas, que l’univers est né d’une seule goutte de lait. On dit, là-bas, que les arbres sont des cornes d’abondance et qu’ils pourraient nourrir encore longtemps l’humanité.

We say there that the universe was born from a single drop of milk. It is said there that the trees are horns of plenty and that they could feed humanity for a long time to come.

Kasia Ozga

If a tree falls…, Digital Photograph, April 2023.

If a tree falls in a forest, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? … I went to wander in the woods at the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. T-shirts to snow and back again. Tiny saplings were pulling themselves out of the undergrowth, bluebells hesitantly unfurling their petals, deer footprints still fresh in the mud. We walked for a few hours with the sound of birds whistling in the air above us and the river rushing underfoot. Every 10 minutes, the air was punctuated by gun shots. Louder and louder they came in a cascade of rounds fired with deafening precision. The explosive noise of slick bullets raining on targets or beer bottles or whatever was propped up on the back porch of the house next door barricaded by pickup trucks parked on the front lawn. Wishing it would end, we walked to our car in silence.

Anne Dubos

H, Improvisations, 2012.

Liza Dimbleby

Around the table, 2022

Letter from Glasgow: April around the tables

April. It was Passover, it was Easter. Then it was Orthodox Easter.

We spent Passover week travelling, setting out on the first day and taking the long train north through Scotland, from Glasgow to Inverness and on to Thurso, the furthest point of the Scottish mainland. I had been invited to a seder but had had to say no as we would be travelling. I was curious as I have never been to a seder, although a friend once shared with me the hard boiled eggs in salt water and bitter herbs, one April in the Hebrides.

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Ruth Maclennan

Extinction Rebellion, April 2023

Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi

Video diary – Right of way, 22 April 2023