WEEK 141 – From 28 March to 4 April 2023

Liza Dimbleby

Paintings and Potatoes, Glasgow, March 2023

Letter from Glasgow: Poisoned Ground (II), Burial

The soil on my plot is rich and black. As I dug it for the first time last year I uncovered odd pieces of bone and brick, crushed metal and plastic, then long reels of exposed 35mm camera film, buried in the ground. I pulled out these crooked ribbons entangled with soil. I thought of my own cartridges of un-developed films twenty five years old, coalescing back to their original darkness. Of how I had always put off getting them developed, how I feared seeing the images that I had shot, leaving that encounter until later, and later, and too late, until the images would have quietly closed over once more. I still have those film cartridges and now I cannot develop them for the proof of disappearance would be too definite. I would have to confront the dark unreadable space of losses incurred by obstinate deferral. I like the thought that some traces of past light might still lie inside the coils of film, hidden from view, but I do not want to disrupt them. I thought of the way that sometimes things can’t be said, or depicted, for a long time. Gestation is an unknown quantity, it demands darkness, hiddenness, but this can be overdone, risking the permanent obliteration of the image, oblivion.

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Kyung-Hwa Choi-ahoi

Diary Drawing _ No. 7894_ April 16th, 2020 
Size: 21 x 29,7cm, oil on paper

Anne Brunswic

Vues de l’avion, la ligne droite est une courbe et la planète est un tout où tout se tient, souvent la tête en bas.
Seen from an aircraft, the straight line is a curve and the planet is a whole where everything fits together, often upside down.

Manuela Morgaine

FINALLY – video 3’46, Costa Rica, March 2023.
FINALLY is part of FAREWELL a long feature movie in production.