Week 138 – March 7 to March 14, 2023


Natacha Nisic

Are you the woman ? Video 1’18

@Crownletterproject, Bourg-Argental 2022. Natacha Nisic 2023

Ruth Maclennan

Moths, pencil on paper, 2023

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Kasia Ozga

Lady of the Lake, Digital Photograph, South Carolina, February 2023.

Natalia Smolianskaia

Pandora’s Box

Valeria Troubina

«Преодоление ума» сухой офорт, 24 х 18 см, 2023
Overcoming the mind, dry etching, 24 x 18 cm, 2023
International Women’s Day 2023

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke, Sans Titre
Collage pour une vidéo sur le Métavers, 2023

Cornelia Eichhorn

HERMINE 100 x 70 cm, scalpel papercut and collage, Adagp 2022
The Hermine series refers to the character of ambiguous gender in the book Steppenwolf.
Each composition shows a body under construction, in repair or interaction with other members
which participates in a rearrangement and which by entanglement becomes multiple.

Liza Dimbleby

Procession, image from Peter Brook’s film of Lord of the Flies (1963), March 2023

Letter from Glasgow: Impossible City (rite of Spring) 

I stood on the platform and the incoming train blew a leaf from my lemon’s stalk. I picked it up. I cradled my lemon all the way to the Southside. Coming out of the station I missed the crossing lights, and heard a low growling. Out from under the flyover came police, and then a crowd of men, a seeming endless procession of men all with bright blue bandanas tied across their faces, just the eyes showing. The police went before them and followed behind them, holding them in. The procession went on and on up the hill, filling the wide road ahead. I held my lemon and watched them walk into the sun. 

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Anne Brunswic

MP Rachel Kéké speach against the law on pensions, French Parliament, Feb 6, 2023.

Rachel KEKE. Remember the name of this woman, she deserves an ode.

I would like to share with you some testimonies of suffering workers in the hope that you will hear them as I do. Sylvie, who works as a cleaner, told me: « Rachel, I am 57 years old, I don’t even know if I will last until 60. » Valerie, 55, who is a cashier, told me, « My body is so tired, I don’t even know how to last until 62. 64 is impossible. » Nadia, who is a care assistant, said to me: « I have to help people, but with 2 more years, who is going to help me? » I will say it here loud and clear: you do not understand. You who are in favour of reforming pensions at 64, you don’t understand the hard life of people! You don’t understand how difficult jobs are! You don’t understand those who say their back hurts when they wake up. You don’t understand those who take medication to be able to work! You don’t understand because you don’t live it.

To all the government ministers and MPs who are in favour of making people work until they are 64, Who among you has ever done a hard job? Who among you can raise a hand and say « I had to push carts with 52 kilos of cement today. I had to look after 20 elderly people. I had to repeat the same gesture a thousand times in one day. Who can raise a hand? Nobody! Because you, the majority of you, do not live it. So I say to you in all honesty: You don’t have the right to drag to their knees the people who keep France standing! (standing ovation of her group, La France Insoumise, left of the left). That is why we will vote against this pension reform! That’s why we will be on the streets on 7 and 11 February! We will be in the streets with our fists up !!!