Week 131 – January 17 to January 24

Ruth Maclennan

Upended, Hilly Fields, London, January 16

Today the late afternoon sky glowed, after the hail flurries, while the winter street below lay in dark shadow. The idea of heaven as a place up above must have been dreamt up on a day like this.

Valeria Troubina

Зимнее окно, закат  Winter Window, Sunset, 56 x 38 cm, watercolour, ink on paper, January 2023

Katja Stuke

A Tree in Bachmut
(Google Street View 2016) Jan 8, 2023

Alisa Berger

alisa berger – Tripping w/ Alien Aliosha · Tripping w/ Alisa Berger (January 2023)

Liza Dimbleby

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Winter sun, December 2022

Letter from Glasgow: Still Refuge 
My best friend’s mother, who found refuge in London from Iran in the nineteen seventies, used to tell us how in midwinter, in Iran, the seeds of many pomegranates are extracted from their shells to make a glittery red heap, she told us it was to invoke the light of the sun on the darkest day of the year. I pictured vast metallic bowls of shining deep red seeds under pools of light in dark rooms. We never shared such a feast, but she did share her copy of the Persian poet Hafez, opening it at random to let it fall at lines that might have special wisdom or importance for us, which she would seize on with excitement or a resigned nod.  

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Manuela Morgaine

Lullaby – Zan Zendegi Asadi زن زندگی آزادی

La la, La la, little flower,
Sleep peacefully, sleep peacefully
Sleep peacefully little flower,
This world will not remain as it is.
Lalalei – Persian Lullaby (by Paria)