Week 130 – January 10 to January 17, 2023

Manuela Morgaine

Rêve d’Orient. Kasbah of Agadir, Marocco, 9/1/2023.

Katja Stuke

o.T. (sans titre)
Bobigny, 2023

Kasia Ozga

Figure 4, Squier and Davis, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley. 1848.
Black River, Digital Photograph, 01.08.23

I am working on a series of sculptures and installations informed by the sacred geometry and ancient works of the Hopewell, a network of precontact Native American cultures that flourished in settlements along rivers in present-day Ohio and beyond, in the Middle Woodland read more»»

Anne Dubos

Nursing The archives of Care.

Dettie Flynn

Gesture of Care – Courage
To contribute to Anne Dubos’ collection ARCHIVES OF CARE

Catherine Radosa

Plantes résistantes – Capteur de rêves pour le Triangle (2023) / Resistant plants – Dreamcatcher for the Triangle (2023)

Object made in the frame of the long-term project Campagne de Paris, paysage triangulaire (2017-2023) on the Triangle of Gonesse (Paris region) – agricultural land threatened by artificialization.