Week 128 – December 20 to December 27

Anne Dubos

Les archives du Care, Baloons, Bangalore 2007

Kasia Ozga

Mark-making 1, Digital Photograph, December 2022

Mark-making 2, Digital Photograph, December 2022

These fleeting lines in the snow are random, unintentional, unmakings. They appear as I lift up twigs and branches on my lawn, just one half of an X. They will soon melt. Or be blown over by gusts of wind. Or get trampled on by tiny feet. They could be traces of something I stumbled upon. I can give them my attention or ignore them completely. They are lines made by pulling things away from and outside of their surroundings.

Neringa Naujokaite

Un altro…di vento, di cielo, Videostill.

Manuela Morgaine

Face the world – Drawing & Video, 37 seconds, 17/12/2022.