Week 116 – September 27 to October 4

Anne Brunswic

Shiraz bazar, Iran, 2015. Hope.

Manuela Morgaine

Behind your veil.

Mahsa Amini died in Iran at the age of 22 following her arrest for leaving a lock of hair hang out from under her Hijab.  The Song of Songs celebrates the hair, and the entire face of women since the dawn of time.

Behind your veil. Your hair is like a herd of goats. Hanging from the sides of Mount Gilead. Your teeth are like a flock of shorn sheep. Your lips are like a crimson thread. Your cheek is like half a pomegranate. Behind your veil.
پشت پرده ات موهای تو مثل گله بز است. آویزان از کناره های کوه گیلعاد. دندان های شما مانند گله گوسفندان قیچی شده است. لب هایت مثل یک نخ زرشکی است. گونه شما مثل نصف انار است. پشت پرده ات

Maithili Bavkar

Drawing, 2022.

How to grow hair in a jar?

Find a small jar that you can spare,
Fallen hair may be planted with care.
A second chance at life, no longer dead,
Far away from the always stressing head!

Eleni Wittbrodt

« Her: It’s pictures but it’s thinking about pictures.” (Eileen Myles)
Work in progress. Lumen print, sunlight on photographic paper, 30×40 cm. 

Michelle Deignan

Closed on Monday

Single channel HD video, 45 secs, 2022

Kasia Ozga

Pacific, Digital Photograph, 2018

This photo was taken on Bainbridge Island, WA near Port Madison, in 2018. I have been interested in images of bodies in water for a long time, and seeing the Crown Letter images last week gave me the idea to respond with this photograph.