Shani Ha


May 5 to May 12

Polaroid photographs of Embody performances

Embody to sculpt the present; to recover, fix, contemplate, sense time.

A unique time, form, sensation, movement, situation.

Sculpting with light, space, presences and present.

Present dissolved in time, amalgamation through volatile permanence.

A time of metamorphose

Presence to our physical bodies

Attention to bodiless otherness

Shani Ha (b.1987 Paris) is a French-Algerian multidisciplinary artist based between Brooklyn, NY and Paris.

Her practice investigates the notions of empathy, otherness and togetherness through multiple mediums, temporality and scales.

Ha is interested in looking at how the movement between singular and collective explores the possibility of universal humanism. She aims to confront the viewers to their own aptitude to connect, relate and empathize.The presence or memory of a body confront the viewers to their own presence, existence, otherness. The Body (my body, the viewer’s, the performer’s, the collective body) is in the center of the artistic dispositive in order to create incarnated embodied collective moments and spaces.

Her work has been selected for Jeune Création 69th at the Fondation Fiminco in Paris and awarded with the Prix de la Folie Numérique. The Embody sculptures have been exhibited at Pace Gallery New York in Torkwase Dyson’s exhibition and the Museum of Art and Design amongst other locations. Her permanent sculpture Seuils was commissioned by the French city of Drancy. The interactive sculptures Empathicity have been installed in Central Park with NYC ParksxArts and in Paris, Brussels, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The interactive public art installation Table For Two was presented in New York. The public art installation Faites Commes Chez Vous was part of the programming for the Journée du Patrimoine during the Cultural European Capital initiative in Marseille. The permanent sculpture Devoir was commissioned for the city of Fontenay-Sous-Bois. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, art-run spaces and public spaces.