September 7 to September 14

Liza Dimbleby

Liza Dimbleby Shelter, Glasgow September 2nd 2021

Letter from Glasgow: Re-inhabiting 

Inured to absence we must learn again how to be together. We are re-learning and re-noticing — noticing differently. We are taking each other in, newly alert to the fragility of each person, and perhaps more carefully attentive as we attempt to sound out the edges where our separateness meets; that must also be re-found after the long imposed distancing. The longed for thing has been returned to us but it has changed and we have to inhabit the new shape of it.  more

Manuela Morgaine


We are masked as we were at the Fenice Opera in Venice for centuries. Here, a first night of September 2021, it is the Paris Opera. Marina Abramović dies there seven times in majesty inside the body of Maria Callas. A young woman in white crosses space. I tell myself that she is a nurse, at the bedside of our pandemic world.

Emma Woffenden

Emma Woffenden The Potential To Change Shape
 Sculpture, drain pipe, polystyrene, car body filler, paint. 70 x 150 x 120cm.

Anne Dubos

Anne Dubos Caresser la mousse

Dettie Flynn

Dettie Flynn The More you do the More you can Do

SE Barnet

SE Barnet train’s late, 2021

Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes Salmon Tie Pantone, 2021, mixed technique, dimensions variable ©Ana Mendes

Catherine Radosa

Catherine Radosa Moving architecture
Photography made during the art residency in Pragovka Gallery in Prague.

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke o.T., from the series »Cities change the songs of birds«