October 5 to October 12

Liza Dimbleby

Liza Dimbleby Shelter, Glasgow, 25th November 2020

Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes The Statues also die (after Ghislain Cloquet, Chris Marker, Alain Resnais ), photography, 48 cm x 32 cm, Africa Museum, Brussels ©Ana Mendes

Aurelia Mihai

Aurelia Mihai LUPA  – ERASE THE BORDERS –  a collective art work for Bienal Sur 2021 (Argentina)

Text excerpt of : LUPA a short film by Aurelia Mihai, 2019, 18:46 min.

(…) “You’ll meet me in Rome, at the Capitoline Museum. But also in front of City Hall in Rome in the state of Georgia, or in Rome in the state of New York.  In Cincinnati, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; and in about 55 other places in the world.  In Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Benghazi, Boston, Guatemala City, Munich, Nuremberg, Nancy, Narbonne, Paris, Segovia, in the Belgian city of La Louvière, twice in Tokyo, maybe even three times. In the Moldovan capital of Chisinau, in Shahriston in Tajikistan, in Talca in Chile, in the Norwegian municipality of Tonsberg, in La Paz in Bolivia and in Toronto, in the Swedish municipality of Lidingö, in Alexandria, Aquileia, Pisa, Piacenza, Siena, in the New Zealand town of Hamilton, and in Romania in Alba Julia,Blaj,Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Galati, Ludus, Sacele, Sigisoara, Tirgu Mures, Turda, and Timisoara.”

Anne Dubos

Anne DubosNot all those who wander are lost.
ERASE THE BORDERS a collective art work for Bienal Sur 2021 (Argentina)   

SE Barnet

SE Barnet Salmon South, 2021 Postcard to Bienalsur

Dettie Flynn

Dettie Flynn Try to Live a Perfect Life 3mins. 49sec.

Ivana Vollaro

Ivana Vollaro Erase the borders
ERASE THE BORDERS a collective art work for Bienalsur 2021 (Argentina)

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke o.T., Nara 2019 from the serie »Cities change the Songs of Birds«

Manuela Morgaine

Manuela Morgaine LOST FLOWS – ERASE THE BORDERS –  a collective art work for Bienal Sur 2021 (Argentina)

Naxi song from Tackeng by Mrs Xiat Rulian. Naxi is spoken in the northwest of the Chinese province of Yunnan in the first loop of the Yang Tse Kiang river. There would no longer be a single inhabitant who could say a word in this language. Over 6 000 km long, Yang Tse Kiang is the third longest river in the world, after the Amazon and the Nile, refuge of a biodiversity and species unique in the world: Sturgeons, sawfish, the world’s largest salamander, Japanese crane, Chinese alligator. It is called Blue River. Like the endangered Naxi language, the Yang Tse Kiang is part of the threatened rivers.

Anne Brunswic

Anne Brunswic Marcelle 2. nom, prénom, profession

Parmi les identités changeantes de Marcelle, ne pas oublier Marie Valignat, nom à consonance auvergnate tracé à l’encre violette en lettres cursives sur un papier cartonné de médiocre qualité. En ces temps d’avant la biométrie, on pouvait dérober dans les mairies par dizaines, des cartes d’identité vierges à l’en-tête de l’État Français. Des résistants devenus faussaires professionnels les remplissaient. Marcelle avait jugé à propos de détruire la carte précédente barrée de quatre lettres funestes en majuscules d’imprimerie, JUIF.

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Ruth Maclennan

Ruth Maclennan Propagation (Bedgebury Pinetum)
ERASE THE BORDERS a collective art work for Bienal Sur 2021 (Argentina)