17 November to 24 November

Natacha Nisic

Taming Time – Found Family Album

Dettie Flynn


Crown Letter Horizon

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Liza Dimbleby

Refuge, November 2020

 Letter from Glasgow: LYING LOW

There is a gale outside, blowing the last birch leaves down the street. From the window I see myself below, in the middle of the road — which has become a flat winter field with yellow leaves flying. I take refuge in a ditch, hunkered down, out of the wind. The ditch runs straight across the field. I dug this ditch to keep me warm and hidden. I’ll pause here. I am sad but I am calm and that’s the main thing. And out of the wind. I watch the leaves fly past, chased by the wind. I may stay here for some time.

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Ruth Maclennan

Horizon (first lap)

The hand-held panning shot is a risky one, as one is bound to trip over a root, or speed up or slow down as one tries to steadily revolve like a lighthouse shining a beacon for ships passing by through dangerous waters.

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Ana Mendes

‘Ana Mendes, Go Hotel, Tallinn, November 2020 (c) Ana Mendes’


SE Barnet

Synonyms Bitch
Single channel video, 1’21”