Marina Fomenko

March 1 to March 7

The events of 1939 should have been a lesson to everybody. This is especially true now when an impossible new war has begun. Here is an excerpt of my film Looking for a Fatal Dystopia (1939).
Documentaries of that time show us an utopia of peaceful life with aeronauts conquering stratosphere, and everyday life with athletic parades and military exercises. Meanwhile, nearby the real fightings are already happening, and tension is growing everywhere on the threshold of the global war.
This film uses the materials of the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive (RGAKFD) for 1939.


Marina Fomenko, artist and independent curator based in Moscow, Russia. Participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions all over the world. She has a few awards from film festivals worldwide for her experimental documentary films. Marina is founding director and curator of International Video Art Festival Now&After which is annually held in Moscow since 2011.