March 23 to March 30

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke Moon in the Library, March 2021

Ivana Vollaro

Ivana Vollaro: Time is just a representation, 2021

Catalina Swinburn

Catalina Swinburn Symbolic Destruction through Commemorative Constructions

Manuela Morgaine

Manuela Morgaine CAREGIVERS Third Lockdown, Île de France, first day of spring 2021.

Dettie Flynn

Dettie Flynn Feuilleton of spinning swinging wishing Girls IX

Catherine Radosa

Catherine Radosa Campagne de Paris, paysage triangulaire
Photography made during long-term film project in Gonesse, France (2018-2021).
Photo : Vladimir Turner

Emma Woffenden

Emma Woffenden Breathing, third waves and synchronicity. Photograph.

In 1999 I exhibited two glass sculptures on tables inside a circular white plastic screen. One was a solid glass casting, a simplified human trunk, an arched spine and pelvis cut off where the legs and head normally continue. On the smaller table a head-like shape with an interior shape meeting the outside made from two blown glass pieces. They represented two separated body parts, the head with the lung and the torso. I didn’t know why I did this and it took a lot of motivation to develop and make, but now looking back I understand how I am connected to it, how we hold thoughts, contortions, expression in our body. I titled the work Severed Installation.

Three years later in 2002 my sister was suddenly taken ill and was on life support in intensive care, unconscious for five weeks. We often sat with her, terrified she wouldn’t survive. Through my brothers determination the hospital tried a new ventilator, bought in from a different hospital. Instead of the in and out rhythm of the first machine, it relentlessly and noisily pumped air in, and her body did recover. Later I connected the incident, the body and the breathing machine, with the Severed Installation and now I am connecting both to scenes from the pandemic. However difficult the incident, making connections makes me feel better, less out of control. 

When we were children I would go to sleep listening to my sisters asthmatic wheezing. The yellow tablet she was given before bed, placed under her tongue, was always removed and placed in the hem of the curtain when my mother left the room. They formed even little peaked yellow stains along the curtain edge.

Natacha Nisic

Natacha Nisic T.O.U.T.E.S, les gestes,  photography with poem, March 2021

Tous les gestes entre nous tous les gestes revus tous les gestes perdus tous les gestes déchus tous les gestes appris tous les gestes oubliés tous les gestes à faire tous les gestes entretenus tous les gestes sans fin tous les gestes référencés tous les gestes enfouis tous les gestes inconnus tous les gestes vertueux tous les gestes infâmes tous les gestes verrouillés tous les gestes abîmés tous les gestes révoltés tous les gestes fabriqués tous les gestes bienvenus tous les gestes sérieux tous les gestes envieux tous les gestes avariés tous les gestes invisibles tous les gestes communs tous les gestes admirés tous les gestes pourris tous les gestes amoureux tous les gestes illégaux tous les gestes perçus tous les gestes interdits tous les gestes reconnus tous les gestes déçus tous les gestes attendus tous les gestes convenus tous les gestes protégés tous les gestes délivrés tous les gestes aboutis tous les gestes innocents tous les gestes appropriés tous les gestes difficiles tous les gestes attendus tous les gestes investis tous les gestes répudiés tous les gestes inscrits tous les gestes à venir

SE Barnet

SE Barnet The Politics of Salmon, postcard 01Watercolor on paper, 6 x 4”

Ruth Maclennan

Ruth Maclennan, Horizon (Twelfth Lap), 2021

Liza Dimbleby

Liza Dimbleby: Other People’s Rooms(IV): 4, Sitsev Vrazhek, Moscow, March 24th 2018

Dreams tantalise not only with half-recognised rooms, or the train that we never quite manage to catch, but with the promise that they might disclose something — an insight or an answer even, that has been withheld by the dispersal of the everyday. We pursue our dreams in the hope that they might lead somewhere…

Pandemic Dreams, Fifth Box: Journeys  

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Anne Brunswic

July 1932. Hygiene-physical therapy. Workers under shower after dirty work in camp 2. Private Gulag collection.

En tant que médecin-chef, je jouissais du privilège de circuler sans escorte. J’habitais au village dans un appartement où la Guépéou avait réquisitionné une chambre. Martha m’avait fait parvenir un colis de vêtements, du papier à lettres, quelques livres. Tchekhov me consolait et me servait de guide. Tout ce que je savais des bagnes, je le tenais de lui. De l’île de Sakhaline au canal de la mer Blanche quarante ans plus tard, le noir était-il devenu moins noir ? Mon cher Anton Pavlovitch se taisait.

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