January 25 to February 1

Manuela Morgaine

Manuela Morgaine, 8 DAYS + δέλτα όμικρον, 2022

8 days, the memory of the plague came to insinuate itself into this isolation room. Is it the bite of a scorpion? Time of the body humiliated by contamination, beauty remains outside the only consolation. Watching remains possible and keeps the rest of the world changing and alive.


SE BARNET, Wind in the Trees 2022
HD video  1’44”

Dettie Flynn

Dettie Flynn Feuilleton of spinning swinging wishing Girls XXV

Liveful performance with camera 51sec.

Même pendant que nos morts sont enterrés …
… ou soulagé par retour aux santé
… les bacs des poubelles doivent être sortis
… et ramené en

Kyoko Kasuya

Kyoko Kasuya Are you still there?  January 2022  あなたは、まだそこにいる?  2022年1月

Anne Dubos

Anne Dubos Keep Walking, 2022

Katja Stuke

Katja Stuke, Help Island 2009/2022
from the series »Lonely Planet«

Ruth Maclennan

The Gloop

I visited the uninhabited island of Stroma with an ornithologist and a marine biologist from the university of the Highlands and Islands in Thurso, in 2013. Stroma was abandoned in 1958, and is now owned by a family that used to live on the island who keep sheep and a couple of holiday homes.  While the scientists watched guillemots fishing and sent a remotely operated vehicle to the bottom of the coastal waters to film the sea floor, I walked north across the island. They warned me to watch my step. As you walk along the grass the ground suddenly falls away. I dropped down and leaned over the cliff-edge as if to watch the fulmars roosting on the ledges, but really to hug the solid earth underneath me as the sudden shift in scale made me dizzy.

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Natacha Nisic

Mission 3 – Breath, they say, February 2022

Ivana Vollaro

Astrazeneca, Sputnik, Sputnik, Pfizer.

Liza Dimbleby

Other People’s Rooms (XII)

Letter from Glasgow : Empty Room 

The basement room opposite my window has been empty until today. On Christmas Eve, the woman who lived there died. She was 32 years old.

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