February 16 to February 23

Ivana Vollaro

Together is better, 2021

Ruth Maclennan

Horizon (Eighth Lap)

Liza Dimbleby

Other People’s Rooms, Glasgow January 2021   

Pandemic Dreams, Second Box:
I’m looking for my son. I open the door of this large shed, he’s sitting under an old fashioned hairdryer with his hair soapy and wet. An old woman is there, she’s a hairdresser. I get so angry and shout — Hairdressers are illegal !


We climbed through this small square hole into some stranger’s living room. They were as surprised as we were but friendly and we stayed a while. The woman said she never liked the carpet going all the way to the wall anyway. It was a dark red Persian style. She gave my son scissors, and he was cutting a curved line into the carpet. click here to read and see more

Catherine Radosa

Paradis terrestre, Photography made during long-term film project in Gonesse, France (2018-2021)

Dettie Flynn

Feuilleton of spinning swinging wishing Girls VI

SE Barnet

New World, Single channel video, 50”, 2021

Katja Stuke

No Olympia/Karate, 2021 from: Supernatural

Michelle Deignan

No words, Single channel HD video, 1′ 19″, 2021

Natacha Nisic