Emmanuelle Pellegrini


Rue de Verdun

May 5 to May 12

Rue du Château

April 28 to May 5

Rue Clemenceau

April 21 to April 28

Rue Pasteur

Poetry-action-improvisation Emmanuelle Pellegrini’s more or less poetic performances are always (very) sonorous. She crosses the path of many improvising musicians, choreographers, filmmakers, poets and visual artists. Improvised and contemporary music is another foundation of her work. On stage she practices poetry in an improvised way, guided by listening and memory. The performer’s body occupies a central place in her work. In this journey centred on the importance of orality, she has crossed paths with many musicians and dancers, and has made two decisive encounters in her career: with the choreographer Émilie Borgo and the percussionist Elisabeth Flunger with whom she is developing a long-term work on different projects. From 2014 to 2018 she has conceived the project « Croquer les fougères. Pour en finir avec le sacré », a multi-disciplinary exploration around the centenary of the First World War.