December 8 to December 15


Single channel video, 2’ 23”

Luise Schröder

Katja Stuke

Three Moon, 2019; from Moon over Konohana

Maithili Bavkar

Black Brides

The saree, which is the traditional Indian woman’s attire, is rarely found in black. It is considered an inauspicious colour for an occasion such as an Indian wedding. For me the black saree in this work is specifically a bride’s saree. In India, it is necessary for all married women to wear a chain made of black and gold beads called a ‘Mangalsutra’, never to be removed as long as they are married. It is the symbol of a marriage only carried by women. I used Mangalsutras and reformed them into vaginas, stitched as motifs on the black saree. The motifs, perfect at first, are shifting and becoming unmade and broken along the end of the saree. Marriage tends to be a focal point of an Indian woman’s life and she is expected to be a virgin until marriage. As marital rape is not recognised as a crime in India, women’s bodies are not their own and are controlled by conservative patriarchal rules of the society. Draping the black saree with vaginas, for me becomes a space to escape narratives written for us and reclaim our bodies

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Ruth Maclennan


The temperature has dropped. It is close to freezing and a fog hung outside my window this morning. It was a watery indecisive mist, not a heavy blanket, not the kind that muffles the street sounds. I turned on the flashing lights on my bike to make sure I didn’t disappear. Wearing a cloth face mask trapped my warm breath, a moist cocoon.

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Ivana Vollaro


Pumpkin seeds become letters become stamps, 2020.

Anne Brunswic

28 mai 1932 Installatrice d’électricité

L’électricienne et le photographe

On lit en russe « 28 mai 1932 » et un fragment de la légende « électro-monteur, ouvr… ». Écrit à la plume sur le cliché, 1036 est le numéro d’ordre dans la collection. Celle-ci va de l’automne 1931 au mois d’août 1933 et se termine au n°7600. Les plaques de verre ont été détruites lorsque le KGB a abandonné à la hâte ses locaux de Petrozavodsk (Carélie) à la chute de l’Union soviétique. Ne sont restés que des tirages collés par ordre chronologique dans dix  grands albums déposés aujourd’hui au musée régional.

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Manuela Morgaine


stay, remain, rest, linger, loiter, dally, stop, stay put, stick around, kick about, kick around,bide, tarry, stand by, hold back, be patient, bide one’s time, hang fire, mark time, kill time, waste time, cool one’s heels, kick one’s heels, twiddle one’s thumbs, pause, stop, cease, halt, discontinue, rest, hold on, hang around, hang about, sit tight, hold one’s horses, sweat it out, await, look out, watch out, anticipate, expect, be ready, be in readiness, long for, hope for, count the days until, be postponed, be delayed, be put off, be held back, be deferred, be put on the back burner, be put on ice, delay, postpone, put off, hold off, hold back, defer, delay, hold-up, period of waiting, interval, interlude, intermission, pause, break, stay, cessation, suspension, detention, check, stoppage, halt, interruption, lull, respite, recess, postponement, discontinuation, moratorium, hiatus, gap, lapse, rest, entr’acte, stay awake, stay up, keep vigil.

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Natacha Nisic

Taming Time

Liza Dimbleby

Image from Andrew Cranston’s studio wall, Glasgow, 2020

Letter from Glasgow: THE ROOM INSIDE

The windows were like paintings set in a wall, or the openings of an enormous Advent calendar, lit from behind. They had small figures in, and for once I was looking at these imaginary paintings as a depiction, as stories that draw you in, rather than unpicking juxtapositions of colour, surfaces and viscosities. I was thinking of the pleasure that could be had by giving yourself up to these imagined scenes and not just following or analysing the language of paint. I made a leap across the river and into the window world that had become a painting. 

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Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes, Single Entry, text, 210 x 297 mm, 2020