April 13 to April 20

Michelle Deignan


Aurelia Mihai

Endless Motion
Video installation, 1998
Lichtrouten Lüdenscheid – 2003, Germany

Liza Dimbleby

Tomorrow by Lorna Robertson
Beyond was the real world…it was from the womb of time she was fighting her way and the first day lay before her….there was something on the citied plain for all of them, the thousands like thin famished fire…     Christina Stead
I used to like giving parties, bringing together people who hadn’t met. It is a long time since that has been possible, but I imagine doing it with the companions I keep now. I think of putting together painters and writers that I love, dead or alive, it doesn’t matter so much. I was thinking about Christina Stead, of her distinctive, overgrown, verbal landscapes. Her attention to colour and detail, the textures of clothings, the look and taste of food, plants, a heady world of plenty, a sort of cornucopia, but cut with loss and longing. I thought of my friend Lorna Robertson’s paintings, and how I should like to offer a painting of Lorna’s to Christina Stead. I would like to put them together.
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Anne Brunswic

July 1 1932. Meeting at camp 1. Private Gulag collection.

Les masses

Durant les meetings, nous n’avions qu’à nous tenir debout sagement, nous n’étions même pas tenus d’applaudir. Le tintamarre de la propagande me berçait. J’imaginais les jouets en bois que je fabriquerais pour les enfants, je dessinais un collier de baisers au cou de ma colombe. Sur l’estrade ornée de drapeaux rouges, nos garde-chiourme prêchaient à la manière Lénine, le coude appuyé sur la balustrade, le bras droit pointé vers le peuple. La leçon était simple, nous devions racheter nos péchés contre la révolution par notre labeur, hors du travail productif point de salut. Les recordmen de la brouette et du béton monteraient au paradis socialiste, les tire-au-flanc tomberaient en enfer. Fanfare.

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Natacha Nisic

Take it from the Ground

Dettie Flynn

Feuilleton of swinging wishing Girls XII


Emma Woffenden

Speedwell. (Go well on your journey).

The Cure.

Speedwell removes excess mucus, soothes internal tissues, is used to treat coughs, asthma, pleurisy, and used as a blood purifier. A tea made of speedwell can be used to clear sinus congestion, help eyesight and ease sore eyes. It relieves tension, especially the neck and shoulder areas and helps relax the muscles. Use it externally to treat skin rashes and inflammation. It contains chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, protein and antioxidants.

The Affliction.

In Yorkshire we called it Birdseye and we never picked it in case it caused our mother’s eyes to fall out, or the birds pecked each other’s eyes out.

The miracle.

The plant’s Latin name Veronica means “true image”. Referring to a cloth miraculously  impressed with an image of a deities face.

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Ruth Maclennan

Horizon (Thirteenth Lap) 

Manuela Morgaine


Testament song by Violeta Parra, chilean artist who committed suicide in 1967 at the age of forty-nine. First South American artist to exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. Song of shared life with charango, a five-string guitar. Brief passage of life. May the passage of LA VIDA on the Seine, accompanied by sand and black birds, be a sign from her.

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