Aurelia Mihai

Das Licht leuchtet immer in die Nacht hinein, (Hamburg 30.03. 2023)
The Light Always Shines Into The Night, photography.

Kyung-hwa Choi-ahoi

Video diary What I saw in the Museum, 22 November 2022

Maithili Bavkar

Sinking into, Dehli, 2023.

Ruth Maclennan

North in 74 seconds, 2023

Catherine Radosa

Témoins – Nous / Witnesses – We
Photography made during the long-term project Campagne de Paris, paysage triangulaire (2017-2023) on the Triangle of Gonesse (Paris region) – agricultural fertile land in the process of artificialization.

Anne Dubos

The virtuous circle of Care, after Joan Tronto

Manuela Morgaine

Nana/Lullaby « Duermete, Niño, Duerme »  “Sleep, child, sleep”.
Canciones Populares, Manuel de Falla – Montserrat Figueras &  Jordi Savall.
Image : Manuela Morgaine, San José, Costa Rica, March 2023.